How To Count Turnover in the Easiest Way

To attract more players, online casino companies always seek for giving best incentives particularly for the first made deposit to its punters. The incentives usually come with bonus options. It is always exciting for players to see the display of 200% first deposit bonus on social media in which players think they would get a large new player bonus. In reality, the bonus goes with terms and condition, in which we call it “Turnover”.

What is Turnover?

Turnover or rollover refers to the total betting amount wagered at the casino. The turnover requirements vary from casino to casino. It is important that you ask for more detail from customer service support when you first make deposit and claim your new player big bonus. There are cases where some players deny getting bonus so that they are free from turnover position.

Why Turnover?

Turnover is a condition in which players can only withdraw their winning amount after meeting its specific wagering requirement. When a player makes a deposit, the deposited amount and bonus will be transferred to his betting account; therefore, without turnover, the player would win the bonus amount automatically without even playing when he makes withdrawal. With turnover, at least, the casino makes sure the players place bet and are active in the casino. Regardless of turnover restriction, however, bonus offer is actually positive since the punters can make bets or play casino games by using casino’s own money.

How Does a 200% Bonus Deposit Work?

To get more new members registered, online casinos draw an eye-catching bonus as they offer you a large sum of bonus bigger than your deposit amount. Who does not want this? It looks like you are getting a very good deal! In reality, bonus does come with terms and conditions to restrict your withdrawal. Of course, sometimes players are misinformed of this detail of turnover requirement in the first place. Sooner or later, you will find out that you will need to comply with wagering requirements first prior to your withdrawal. Let’s look at this example which the turnover requirement is 20 times of your initial deposit.

FORMULA: (Deposit Amount + Bonus) x Turnover Requirement

EXAMPLE: You have first made a deposit of $30 into your account as a new member/player, then, you will receive the 200% bonus of $60 from your casino. Therefore, you will have $90 in total transferred to your betting account ($60+$30).

So that the turnover you need to hit is: ( $30 + $60 ) x 20 times = 1,800

In case you place a $50 bet and you win $2,000, can you now withdraw your winnings? Well, the answer is you can’t. Your bet amount is only $50 and you need to wager another 1,750 to be able to withdraw any amount of money from your account.

We hope this article helps you out with Turnover, feel free to comment below if you have any questions!

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