The Best Sportsbook in Cambodia 2019

Gambling in Cambodia is a little bit complicated. According to the law, gambling is only made legal to foreigners while locals are not allowed to play. However, this ban would not stop Cambodian from placing bets.

Mainly, it is one of the top reasons why Cambodian players switch from playing at land-based casinos to gamble online. Cambodia has a strong betting culture when it comes to Sportsbook, specifically football, the most famous online betting game of all time. Cambodian players bet heavily on international league such English premier league and UEFA champion.

Most Cambodian bettors enjoy football games because gamblers understand the basic betting rules and perhaps become an expert of football analysis from their tremendous football experience in their football community.

Since gambling at land-based casino in Cambodia is illegal for locals, some punters turn to online sports betting as it is the best way to place bets safely and conveniently on earth. Gamblers can choose to sign up with an online game company, who provides professional Asian handicap football betting. You can go to to get your own sports betting account now and get access to over hundred football matches daily in the website.


WWBET is an international online sports betting brand that was established in 2005, which has grown to become one of the major and most favorite online sports bookmakers in Cambodia, providing the best odds and excellent services for the worldwide betting community. This website is also known as the most stable site of all time; therefore, you don’t need to bother waiting on any unexpected maintenance you have previously experienced from other websites.

2. 855BET

855BET is a leading sports betting brand in Cambodia for more than seven years that every Cambodian player knows. The reason why 855BET become so popular in Cambodia is mainly because of the simple website layout, higher betting odds, and a stable operating system. Besides, as a trusted local brand in Cambodia, 855BET has prepared an exclusive Parlay Simple function, which allows players to bet Mix Parlay in an easier and faster way.

3. IBET789

IBET789 is an Asian leading online bookmaker since 2012 with complete sports betting license from the Royal Government of Cambodia. IBET789 has all the coverage of online soccer betting events like Premier League 2019-2020, UEFA 2019-2020, La Liga 2019-2020, Cambodian League (C-League), and many more. Furthermore, IBET789 comes with a simple design without any additional stuff which able to let the player can place their bet in the shortest time.

4. IBC2888

IBC2888, also known as IBC2888 Sports. IBC2888 is the newest local brand in Cambodia that providing a variety of online gambling services, like Sports Betting, Live Casino, Cockfight, Keno, Slot Game, Casino Game, and Trade too. IBC2888 is perfectly fit with players who are looking for an all-in-one website, without switching account to enjoy every game.

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